July 2023

Nolan: Oppenheimer (2023)

July 30, 2023 // 0 Comments

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer starts by evoking complexity – with the ringlets of rain that form as J. Robert Oppenheimer, played by Cillian Murphy, gazes upon them, [...]

Gerwig: Barbie (2023)

July 28, 2023 // 0 Comments

The Barbenheimer phenomenon seems to have marked a pivot in the way that we think about gender – and it has been driven largely by Barbie. Once upon a time, Oppenheimer [...]

Satter: Reality (2023)

July 20, 2023 // 0 Comments

Tina Satter’s Reality is a film adaptation of her 2019 play, Is This Is A Room, which was itself an adaptation of the interrogation of Reality Winner, the U.S. Air Force [...]

Wong: As Tears Go By (1988)

July 9, 2023 // 0 Comments

As Tears Go By, Wong Kar-wai’s directorial debut, is a lush neon fever dream that oozes atmosphere, explodes with intensity and brims with such stylistic restlessness that [...]